Toronto is getting a Hong Kong chicken hot pot restaurant

Toronto is getting a Hong Kong chicken hot pot restaurant

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Torontonians might already be familiar with Mongolian or Beijing-style hot pot, but a new method of boiling your meal is making its way to the city in the form of Hong Kong-style hot pot. 

A fairly new trend to hit Hong Kong, this style (also known as chicken hot pot) is making its debut in the GTA in the form of GoGo Chicken Pot.

Though its exact opening date has yet to be confirmed, the all-you-can-eat restaurant is slated to open in Richmond Hill, sharing a plaza with Chingu Fried Chicken and a Little Caesars on Bayview.

Unlike regular hot pot, Hong Kong-style pots come with a heavily marinated chicken already boiling in water. Chopped up into pieces, the spices of the chicken flavour the broth before being eaten first. 

The next step is adding raw ingredients like the usual beef and veggies, which absorb the chicken’s flavour to give it an extra boost. 

The owner of GoGo’s spent half a year in Hong Kong perfecting the recipe before landing on, as its website says, a “perfectly marinated chicken soup for a two-fold enjoyment of authentic chicken hotpot.” 

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