St Margaret’s Church Wedding, Hong Kong

A Wonderful St. Margaret Church Wedding

We love photographing religious Ceremonies and we really enjoyed documenting Katherine and Gabriel’s St. Margaret’s Church wedding in Happy Valley.

Weddings at St. Margaret Mary’s Church are very popular in Hong Kong with the Catholic community. The history and grandeur of the building make it an excellent choice for couples and an even better space to photograph.

Church weddings always offer us so many opportunities for great documentary photography. Ceremonies typically last around an hour which gives us plenty of time to capture various emotions and moments throughout the service.

Our photos at this wedding really demonstrate how we blend our documentary approach with stylish and fine art imagery. In our opinion this offers a great variety of images that our couples always love.

A First Look

A ‘first look’ is a great option for couples looking to try something different on their wedding day.

Katherine and Gabriel decided to embrace the idea of seeing each other before the Ceremony at their St. Margaret’s Church wedding.

Traditionally the bride and groom first see each other at the alter. However, recently it has become a popular choice to get this out of the way ahead of time.

This new trend allows for some stunning images to be captured but at the same time offers a bit of privacy for a bride and groom.

This privacy allows a couple to express their emotions towards each other without a whole room full of guests starring at them.

A ‘first look’ does require a little bit of set up on our part to make sure we capture it in the best way possible. At this Saint Margaret’s Church wedding we positioned Gabriel so that we could incorporate the monument in the background.

Katherine snook up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. As Gabriel turned around the smiles were off the charts. You can see from the photos that Gabriel was blown away with how amazing his bride to be looked.

When we photograph Hong Kong weddings we usually offer two photographers. This is a real benefit with moments like this as it allows multiple angles and captures two sides of the story.

Why do we love St Margaret Church Wedding Photography?

As you will see from the photos, St. Margaret’s Church is a beautiful building an we wanted to incorporate that in to the wedding photography as much as possible.

We chose to do some couple shots inside the Church and we were really happy with what we achieved. In addition we also captured some images outside the church in front of the doors with the flowered bell.

Katherine and Gabriel booked a room at the Mira Hotel which allowed them to change in to their evening outfits.

The Mira Hotel is located next to Kowloon Park which is another great place in Hong Kong that we recommend to take wedding photos. Unfortunately we didn’t have time at this particular wedding but because we had done a ‘first look’ this more than made up for this missed photo shoot opportunity.

Tsui Hang Village

Katherine and Gabriel chose Tsui Hang Village as the restaurant for their evening reception. Located very closely to the Mira Hotel in TST the couple entered through the indoor flyover and made their entrance to rapturous applause from their guests.

The 300 seat Tsim Sha Tsui venue features a ceiling decor of floral design in red, yellow and orange and can suit any theme or style. This made it the perfect option for Katherine and Gabriel’s reception and allowed for some elegant guest photos with the bride and groom.

Tsui Hang Village is across the water from St. Margaret’s so travel time is something to factor in when you are planning your wedding. Luckily Katherine and Gabriel allowed plenty of time making it a very relaxed wedding to photograph.

After some emotional and funny speeches from Katherine’s Dad and the Bride and Groom we ended the night capturing the traditional toasts at each table.

This wedding was a real pleasure to be a part of and we can’t thank Katherine and Gabriel enough for choosing us to photograph their wedding.

Please scroll through the photos below to see what an amazing time they had at their St. Margaret’s Church wedding in Hong Kong.

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