Residents to help choose New Taipei City plaques

The New Taipei City Government has launched an online poll for residents to vote for their favorite among proposed new door plaques.

The city government received 453 entries for its design contest, which began in the middle of last month and ran until Sunday.

New Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs Director Chiang Chun-ting (江俊霆) said that the current door plaques have stickers of the word “district” covering what used to be townships or county administrative districts before the former county became a special municipality in 2010.

The measure was meant to be temporary, but has been in place for seven years, and many residents have petitioned the city government to address the issue, as the stickers are fading or have fallen off.

The plaques are important for postal workers to identify where to drop off mail, Chiang added.

The city government said it hopes the design for the new plaques will contain a special feature from the municipality.

The online poll is to run until Aug. 2, Chiang said, adding that it will account for 30 percent of the evaluation process, with a panel of judges responsible for the remaining 70 percent.

The panel would review the top 20 percent of designs, ranking the top 20 according to their content, imagery, structuring, aesthetic quality and practicality, Chiang said.

Those voting online must be registered New Taipei City residents, and while individuals are not limited to one choice, they can only cast one vote per design, he said.

The city government is also arranging a raffle with an LCD TV, air purifier, coffee machine and convenience store gift cards as possible prizes, Chiang added.


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