Resident Evil Knife Collection from Hong Kong

Resident Evil Knife Collection from Hong Kong

I’ve been a Resident Evil fan since the first time it came out in 1996. I think just about everyone and their mother was a fan. That lead me into collecting Resident Evil stuff including things like this super rare Resident Evil Knife Collection from Hong Kong.

The thing with Resident Evil is that a lot of the rare items either come from Japan or Hong Kong. I don’t know why Capcom America wasn’t able to make exclusive items, stuff like replicas, posters, clothing and so forth. Game Life actually did a top 10 list of Rare Resident Evil Collectibles  which you can read.

One of the rarer items I’ve seen were the Resident Evil Knife collection which you hardly see nowadays. I have a few of the knifes in my collection but I was never able to find the entire set. Seems like one sell has listed them here.


Here’s the description of the Resident Evil knife collection. Finally, a seller who takes the time to write a detailed description. It’s the first time I’ve seen more details about the knifes so I’m quite happy that the seller put this together:

This is a huge lot of 19 official knives made for the Hong Kong Biohazard 3 comics. Includes the following:

Biohazard 1 (on the left in the photo): 2 silver (1 boxed), 2 bronze (1 boxed).

Biohazard 2 (on the right in the photo): complete set of 6 variants (no box). Matte light silver, matte dark silver, bronze, copper, silver, gold.

Biohazard 3 (the one that looks like a dagger): 1 gold boxed, 3 silver (1 boxed), 1 matte silver boxed, 2 bronze boxed, 2 copper boxed.

This item was sold with an issue of the Biohazard 3 comics only in Hong Kong around 1999, making it a hard to find collectible. The comics and their related items are all official Capcom licensed. Capcom had a heavy presence in Asia, even outside Japan, and their flagship series have been localized or at least properly distributed in areas like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Definitely a great acquisition for a Resident Evil fan!

Good luck! – Game Life

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